September 2020 Cape Coral Fishing Report - 1

September 2020 Cape Coral Fishing Report

September 2020 Cape Coral Fishing Report - 3
Many of the fishing charters wanted to catch something to bring home for dinner.

September was another steady month of Cape Coral fishing charters. The weather in Southwest Florida stayed hot but was windier then normal as a few hurricanes pass by in the Gulf of Mexico. This month’s Cape Coral fishing charters really homes in on the Redfish and snapper. 

Many of the fishing charters wanted to catch something to bring home for dinner. For that task we really focused our fishing around structure such as docks with a lot of tidal flow. These habitats aren’t hard to find throughout the Cape Coral area. We would target those structures using small tackle and live greenbacks for bait. It never took more then a couple scoops of chummed bait to get the snappers hungry. The Cape Coral fishing charters often made short work of our snapper limits to take home for dinner. 

September 2020 Cape Coral Fishing Report - 4After catching dinner we would move on to catching redfish. The redfish were hungry and happy all month long. At the beginning of the month we used shrimp or cut bait to target the redfish in and around the mangroves. This produced a ton of smaller redfish in the 18”-24” size range. This size makes for a fun strong fight that’s still a manageable catch for any skill level.

Towards the end of the month the bigger redfish began to group up in large schools near some of the flats. To target these fish, we would approach the schools as quietly as possible using the trolling motor. Once in casting range I would throw some chum to keep the fish close and then throw a few baits into the middle of the feeding redfish.

This produced multiple double and triple hook ups leading to complete chaos on the boat. A few big redfish on light tackle at the same time really tested even the best anglers as they were running circles around the boat and working hard not to cross lines. That’s a sure way to get the adrenaline pumping and create a memory you’ll never forget. 

September 2020 Cape Coral Fishing Report - 2Last but not least the passes, (waterways between Sanibel and Captiva islands leading to the Gulf of Mexico) also began to heat up with snook and big redfish as they eat everything in sight before winter comes. Additionally the trout fishing has been second to none in the Cape Coral area throughout the summer time. 

It’s looking like October is going to be an excellent month as well. The redfish should be schooling up more and more each week, and the tarpon should start migrating south as the water cools off. Also as the water temperature drops the kingfish and other nearshore fishing should heat up. Don’t wait, book your customized Cape Coral fishing charter today.