Sheepshead fish, the other white meat. With our comfortable weather and cooler water temperatures the sheepshead have invaded Southwest Florida in full force to breed. My recent fishing charters have discovered, the key has been a light monofilament leader with small hook and lead weight.

Put a shrimp on the hook and toss at deep underneath a dock. Hold on because within seconds your shrimp will be getting picked at. This is where patience needs to take over, don’t jerk the rod, you will pull it out of their snarled excuse for a mouth every time. Once they’ve got the shrimp good slowly pull up on the rod and start reeling ensuring a solid hook set into their iron like jaws. They put up a good fight digging hard towards the bottom.

The action has been consistent with snapper, black drum, snook, and redfish mixed in. My fishing charters that want to bring dinner home have been catching enough to feed the families for a couple of meals. Sheepshead are a good white meat without a strong fishy flavor. They cook up nice with garlic butter and lemon.

As the weather stays warm and comfortable, bait is moving back in along with sea trout and spanish mackerel. To come and enjoy this beautiful weather and catch your dinner book your fishing charter today.