BlueLineFishing - Cape Coral Fishing

July 9th – 15th

I spent the 4th through the 8th on vacation in Texas, but picked up right where I left off with a charter on the 9th. It was a busy week with 5 charters and a tournament. The week was full of marking off people’s bucket list. Four different people this week had never caught a snook and their goal was to catch one. I did not disappoint, all of them got to mark snook off of their bucket list. We never landed a monster but did catch plenty of decent sized snook throughout the week. Also a few of the charters wanted something to take home for dinner, trout were plentiful throughout the week. While trout fishing we also had fun catching lady fish and shark on the flats.

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of chartering a group for the annual FSU Booster Club fishing tournament.We started the morning right on time at 730 and had our trout within a few minutes. From there it was time to focus on snook and redfish. We caught the tail end of the outgoing tide and we caught a small snook as the tide was going slack and the bite stopped. I wanted to snook fish at the end of the day as it was, so it was time to go catch a redfish and then later return and get a bigger snook.

Red fishing was slow, at our third spot we finally hooked the one we were looking for. The angler did all he could but the fish proved to be the winner this round, by tangling himself in two other lines creating a huge knot and eventually breaking off the line. We looked for more redfish until the storms moved in and forced us to go hide. We never were able to get back to big snook fishing and had to drive through the storm to make it back to Tween Waters in time for the weigh in. All in all it was a fun day on the water with a fun and positive group who were happy to be out catching fish.