BlueLineFishing - Fishing Cape Coral

July 16 – 22nd

This was another busy week, and this week was all about the kids. Took out 7 different kids this week finishing the week with the most important kid, mine! The name of the game this week was keeping the rods bent and keeping the young ones entertained. We caught a lot of trout, lady fish, jack, small shark, and mangrove snapper.

We also spent a little time catching snook. I had a heart breaking moment Thursday morning, started the day with snook fishing, and had an 18 year old girl hook and perfectly fight a big snook (35 + inches). She was able to get it right next to the boat and I missed with the landing net… The snook took one last strong run, the line got into the motor and broke off, I felt absolutely awful.The family was very happy and understanding of the entire incident not letting it damper their day at all.

Sunday was my favorite trip of the week, I was finally able to get my wife and son out for a short morning trip. Vance kept himself occupied by moving pitchers of water from one side of the boat to the other, while Lauren and I fished. The redfish were hungry this morning providing us with plenty of opportunities that fell short of landing them. Finally it all came together and we were able to land an 11 pound overslot redfish. After that it was time to call it morning since Vance was getting tired and cranky. It was a great and needed few hours on the water together.