BlueLineFishing - Captiva Fishing Charter

End of April

The weather seems to have leveled out as we move into May. We are getting less windy days and the temperatures are warming up fast. Fishing has still been great, the fishing charters have found large schools of jack crevalle, trout, lady fish, and mackerel. All of which put up a good fight and can get very hectic and exciting when fishing a large school of them. Snook fishing has also remained consistently good with the occasional redfish and mangrove snapper mixed in.

Tarpon fishing charters have gotten better with the warmer weather at the beginning of the week. Late last week there were heavy winds, rain and Tarpon were rolling but not eating very good. This week the Tarpon have been into their usual spots moving around each day, but once they are found the fishing has been great with a lot of caught fish. Tarpon season is getting in full swing, fishing charters are still available for May.