Cape Coral Fishing Charters - August 2019

Cape Coral Fishing Report – Aug 2019 – Inshore Slam’s

The theme throughout August and the first few days of September has been the inshore slam. An inshore slam is catching a snook, redfish, and trout during the same trip. Nearly every fishing charter last month has lead to catching an inshore slam fairly easily. This is a very exciting accomplishment for anyone who fishes.

There have been plenty of big redfish throughout Southwest Florida. We are still managing to catch a good amount of decent snook and the trout are plentiful. Fishing charters have also been finding huge schools of jack crevalle, lady fish, trout, and spanish mackerel. These fish put up great fights, and provide nonstop action from the time we arrive until the time we leave. Last but not least the fishing charters have also been catching plenty of mangrove snapper that are delicious to bring home for dinner.

On a side note, it is stunning and very encouraging to see the difference a year can make. Last year at this time there was a terrible green algae/red tide crisis that was destroying the Southwest Florida ecosystem with major fish kills. Thanks to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) taking quick action and closing snook, redfish, and trout seasons.

Paired up with less water releases from “Lake O” we have seen an unbelievable recovery to our waterways. It is amazing how resilient mother nature is, and I’m personally excited to see what the next few years brings with continued focus on conservation and recovery of our fishery.