December 2020 Cape Coral Nearshore Fishing - 2

December 2020 Cape Coral Nearshore Fishing

This year it seems like everyone is looking ahead to next year and ready to put this one behind them. I don’t blame them one bit for the most part, but I am going to reflect one last time on a very successful year of nearshore fishing. First, I’d like to thank all of my clients, both new and return. This year took a lot of trust when scheduling a trip.

December 2020 Cape Coral Nearshore Fishing - 3I know everyone was concerned about the pandemic so I appreciate you trusting me with keeping you and your family safe and healthy while on your fishing charter. This year has been the busiest year yet at Blue Line Fishing Charters, despite all of the craziness and I could not be more grateful for that. Despite the struggles and sacrifices made this year by everyone, we plan to build on this years success and have an even better 2021. 

Now onto the fishing, December seemed colder then normal this year with a few very strong cold fronts and some extended periods of chilly weather. The inshore fishing seemed a little inconsistent at times throughout the month, that’s the ordinary this time of year as cold fronts pass through and water temperatures raise and lower.

On warm days, our Cape Coral fishing charters, found great inshore success with a lot of snook and redfish still in the area. On the colder days, we found success fishing with shrimp around the docks. Shrimp fishing takes a little skill, but after some coaching, clients were catching sheepshead, snapper, jack crevalle, and small redfish

December 2020 Cape Coral Nearshore Fishing - 1My favorite part about this time of year is when the winds lay down. The Southwest Florida nearshore fishing has been excellent throughout the month of December. I would take as many of my Cape Coral fishing charters as I could, 4-6 miles into the Gulf of Mexico for bottom fishing.

On nearly every drop we found success catching snapper, grouper, sheepshead, and grunts. This nonstop action and delicious fresh fish for dinner brought plenty of satisfied clients. We also caught a few big sharks and triple tails while offshore this month. 

We finished the year strong and looking to start next year on the same page. We love making new friends and memories families won’t forget. Call now to book your Cape Coral fishing charter